Debut Show!

Friends: √        Fans: √        Selfies: √

Looks like we've got our priorities in order!

For all of you guys that made it out, thank you!!

We had a blast - and some single malt whiskey (Macallan 12 if anyone is wondering).

For those of you who didn't know, we released a new music video (and single), which you can watch by clicking here. <------ (yes, I know, painfully obvious).

Otherwise, if you're of the "I-need-to-see-the-band-live" persuasion, you're in luck! We are currently planning our next show for downtown Olympia! Haven't finalized the details yet, but you can bet that we'll be there with boots and plenty of hair product.

Stay tuned for more, we'll be playing again soon!



Retro Jade!

Write here...

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Blue Laces --> Retro Jade!


- Firstly, if you haven't figured already, our debut as "Retro Jade" will be happening on Jan 27th. at Forrey's Forza in Lacey - if you want to hear some banging music, we'll be out in top form! Click Here for the Facebook event ;)

- Second, we want to make it extra clear that our band is forming as a "complete renovation" of Blue Laces. The same core-group of players is the same, however we had been discussing a change of name for some time, we felt that Blue Laces didn't represent the aesthetic of our group, thus Retro Jade was born! 

- Third, not only will we be debuting our new group on the 27th, but we'll be debuting a new single coupled with a slick new music video - you guys are gonna love it!

- Last, we also need to make this very clear for Facebook who requires a detailed and descriptive announcement of any rebranding and therefore namechanges - so here we are taking care of that business.

We love you guys, come watch us play!!!