Retro Jade!

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Blue Laces --> Retro Jade!


- Firstly, if you haven't figured already, our debut as "Retro Jade" will be happening on Jan 27th. at Forrey's Forza in Lacey - if you want to hear some banging music, we'll be out in top form! Click Here for the Facebook event ;)

- Second, we want to make it extra clear that our band is forming as a "complete renovation" of Blue Laces. The same core-group of players is the same, however we had been discussing a change of name for some time, we felt that Blue Laces didn't represent the aesthetic of our group, thus Retro Jade was born! 

- Third, not only will we be debuting our new group on the 27th, but we'll be debuting a new single coupled with a slick new music video - you guys are gonna love it!

- Last, we also need to make this very clear for Facebook who requires a detailed and descriptive announcement of any rebranding and therefore namechanges - so here we are taking care of that business.

We love you guys, come watch us play!!!